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A Water Garden begins as a simple entity. However, in time, it becomes the center of an ever changing collection of shrubs, flowers, and garden furniture. While having a bench or two nearby is great for those days when the weather is just right for sitting out and being soothed by the sounds of the waterfall and the endless wanderings of the fish, having a good view from the house is important for the rest of the time.

Enjoy the pictures that we have taken over the years during the various seasons that we deal with in this part of the country. And, if you are a do-it-yourselfer, take note of the Construction pictures. With the kit that we purchased, it was an enjoyable project to take on. While there is a little maintenance to a Water Garden, you will notice that as the years go on, there is a less and less grass to cut!

I am a Ham Radio Operator. There is a link here to to my ham radio page.

I had some vehicles that I wish now I had held onto. There is a link here to to pictures of some of my vehicles from days gone by.

I created a few items to try to improve upon the quality of life for someone who is living in some kind of an assisted living or nursing facility. My focus was on aiding somemone who is suffering from Dementia. There is a link here to take you to the page that describes those items.

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